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Gubblers Hide and Seek
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Description: Roy(P2) has captured a gubbler(P1). Roy made the gubbler a deal. If the gubbler finds a good hiding spot, and Roy can't find him; the gubbler gets freed. However, if the gubbler gets caught; Roy kills him!! Player 1 has to find a place to hide in the time chosen. Then the other player plays as Roy and searches for him in the shortest amount of time.
How to play:
  1. Make sure the other player in not looking.
  2. Go hide somewhere while roy counts
  3. When he's done, give the other player the keyboard.
  4. Then they go find the gubbler.
Game info:
Date added: Dec 28 2015
Date last updated: Dec 6 2017
Current version: 1.0
Previous versions
Status: Release
Mobile compatibility: No
# of players: 2
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